• MPL stands for Masters Pro League, It is a professional eSport League featuring the best teams and players in Morocco, competing in four different games : FIFA 22, Street Fighter V, Valorant and PUBG Mobile.


-Entry is Free.

-Format: Double-elimination brackets. 2/3 games until Top 8. 3/5 games for the whole Top 8.

-Registration is limited to players from Morocco.

-Registration is capped to 32 entrants.

-Winner must report the score on Discord. 

- Loser can either change the stag or change his character.

-Players MUST play on a wired connection. If wireless is suspected, picture of wired connection may be requested by the PM or TO.

-Disclaimer: If we find out you are playing in another bracket, and it ends up holding up our bracket, you can be disqualified at the TO’s discretion.

-If we find out that someone else is playing for you, it will result in a disqualification.

-You must be on Discord to keep track of results and contact opponent(s).



-You must Check-in on Discord server and be available in the stream chat prior to the start time of the tournament. Check-in takes place 1 hour before the tournament begins. Registering is not the same as Checking in. 



Platform: PC 

-Rounds: 3 out of 5

-Time Limit: 60 seconds

-Stage: Random

-Character Customizations: Off

-Character Preset Costumes are legal for Tournament use with the exception of the following:

-Jack-7 Preset 3 & 4 cannot be used.
  -Gigas Preset 3 cannot be used.

-Players cannot use the same Preset. Should both Players wish to use the same Preset, they will play a tiebreaker as determined by the Tournament Organizer or Tournament Event Organizer (as applicable) to determine who may use their preferred Preset Costume for the duration of the Match.

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