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imgTiger Cave Series 3.4 – SFVCE- Created by FGC_FREZZER

Started on

2021-03-29 18:00


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    29 out of 32

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    Double Elimination

    Tournament type
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    Cross platform


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    Best of 3
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Tiger Cave Series  is a monthly online event open for North Africa and Europe that brings fierce competition, and engaging entertainment! We feature competitions in SFVCE, KOFXIV, Samurai Shodown, and so much more!

Winner Prizes

img Place img Reward
imgplace 1 : 50%
imgplace 2 : 30%
imgplace 3 : 20%


  • General Rules:

-Entry is Free.

-Registration closes at 19:00 GMT.

-Tournament starts at 20:00 GMT.

-Format: Double-elimination brackets. 2/3 games until finals. 3/5 games for Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals.

-Registration is limited to the following regions: North Africa, Europe.

-Registration is capped to 32 entrants per game.

-Winner must report the match on

-Players MUST play on a wired connection. If wireless is suspected, picture of wired connection may be requested by PM or TO.

-Disclaimer: If we find out you are playing in another bracket and it ends up holding up our bracket, you can be disqualified at the TO's discretion.

-If we find out that someone else is playing for you, it will result in a disqualification.

-You must be in chat to keep track of results and contact opponent(s)

  • Check-in: 

You must Check-in on and be available in the tcs-general channel prior to the start time of the tournament. Check-in takes place 1 hour before the tournament begins. Registering up is not the same as Checking-in.

  • Game Specific Rules:

-Platform: PS4 only.

-Game settings: 2/3 rounds, 99 seconds, 2/3 games until finals. 3/5 games for Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals.

-Winners must keep the same characters but they may switch their V-Trigger and V-Skill. Losers can switch characters.

-Banned costumes: Balrog Gutsman, Blanka Nergigante, Blanka Story, Ed Nero, Gill Pyron, M.Bison Astarot, Necalli Halloween, Rashid Airman, Rashid Viewtiful Joe, R.Mika Professional, Ryu Mega Man, Urien Halloween, Urien Wesker

-Banned stages: Field of Fate, Flamenco Tavern, Kanzuki Beach, Skies of Honor.



  • *MORE INFO: 

For any questions please DM @FRZ1X twitter account or send an email to :

Tournament brackets

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