– First place 15pts
– Second place 10pts
– Third place 5pts
– 1 kill = 1 point


– You must be over 16 years old and Moroccan.

– Registration will be open at esna.gg/asusrogna

– The host of the tournament will add you to the private lobby, 15min before the game.

– The placement of each player will be presented at esna.gg/asusrogna

– At our official discord server, room #Results

– The games will be streamed on twitch at : Asusrog_na

– No, you can’t stream the games because they will be streamed on Asusrog_na twitch channel.

-Yes, there will. To participate you have to :

1- Follow our Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/asusrog_na

2- Like our Facebook Page depending on your country .

3- Watch ROG North Africa streams and answer the Giveaway question correctly.

– You can contact one of the admins, and provide evidence, (screenshot, video) other than that we can’t do anything.

You can find here all our points of sales: ROG PRODUCTS

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