MPL Global Rules

MPL Global Rules

1. Global Rules

1.1. General

The league administration team has the authority to make decisions outside or even against the rulebook in order to ensure fairness.

1.2. Code of Conduct

Every participant must treat the MPL representatives, the press, viewers, partners, and other participants with respect. Participants are expected to honorably represent esports, the MPL, and their partners. This applies to in-game behavior as well as behavior in conversations, messengers, comments, and other forms of social media.

1.2.1. Insults and offensive behavior

During an MPL Match or on the MPL site or ESNA platform, all insults may be penalized. This includes, but is not limited to, the in-game chat, forums, News comments, Messages, Match Chat, and game IDs.

1.2.2 Public behavior

At all times, all competitors must refrain from engaging in any poor, unwanted, or negative behavior toward anyone associated with the tournament in any form.

At all times, all competitors must refrain from taking any action or inaction that drags anyone associated with the event into public disrepute, contempt, scandal, or ridicule, or diminishes the public relations or commercial worth of any party participating. In interviews, speeches, and/or social media channels, this includes negative remarks directed towards the MPL, its partners, or its products. Insults delivered by external messengers are not considered.

2. Fraud/deception

2.1. Deception

The use of false or fictitious claims, facts, or data to fool admins or other players will not be tolerated.

2.2. Other unauthorized offences

Including but not limited to the abusing of bugs on the website. These penalties are at the discretion of the responsible admin and are penalized according to severity.

2.3. Cheating

All forms of cheating in MPL matches are forbidden and will be penalized by the MPL staff. Players found cheating outside of the MPL may be barraged on the MPL depending on the evidence available.

Note: We do not accept publicly submitted demo or screenshot evidence in these cases.

3. Accounts

3.1. Player

An ESNA Account can only be created if the user is at least 16 years old. When registering, each player must provide an up-to-date and correct email address and it is the player's responsibility to keep this up-to-date.

3.1.1. Multiaccounts

Each player in the MPL must only have one account! If a player cannot access their account and then creates a new one, they must write a support email explaining in detail the reason for not being able to access the account.

3.2. Teams

A team's name does not have to be unique, but GG Agency reserves the right to refuse clans with the same or similar names as a well-known clan.

4. Participation in prize tournaments & Leagues

Employees of GG Agency, its subsidiaries or partners, volunteer or contractor staff, or employees who are in some way connected to a respective tournament, such as sponsors, publishers, or game developers, are not permitted to participate in any prize winning tournaments, qualification for prize winning tournaments, or Leagues unless otherwise expressly permitted.

Prize Pool Distribution

Total Prize Pool: 60,000 MAD

Game 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
E-FOOTBALL (20,000 MAD) 10,000 MAD 6,000 MAD 4,000 MAD
KOF XV (20,000 MAD) 10,000 MAD 6,000 MAD 4,000 MAD
Mobile Legends (20,000 MAD) 10,000 MAD 6,000 MAD 4,000 MAD

5. Players Image Rights

Players participating in MPL Season 6 acknowledge and agree that MPL reserves the right to utilize their image rights for promotional purposes. This means that photographs, videos, or other visual content featuring the players during matches, interviews, or other MPL-related events may be used by MPL as part of its marketing and promotional campaigns.

6. Player Responsibility for Travel Expenses to MPL Season 6 Finals

MPL does not provide financial coverage for transportation to the finals. Teams and players who qualify for the MPL Season 6 finals are responsible for their own travel expenses, including airfare, accommodations, meals, and other costs associated with their participation in the finals.

Reserved Rights

GG AGENCY reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to revise, update, change, modify, add to, supplement, or delete certain terms of the Official Rules for any reason. Such changes will be effective with or without prior notice. The most current version of the Official Rules is posted at (Website).

Prioritized Version

The English version of these Official Rules will be the prioritized version.

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