• MPL stands for Moroccan Pro League, It is a professional eSport League featuring the best teams and players in Morocco, competing in four different games : FIFA 22, League of legend, Valorant and PUBG Mobile.


  • PS4, PC, Xbox, Mobile

  • Algeria

  • Arabic



â€ĸ● W E L C O M E- T O -OUR -TEAM ●â€ĸ



About us â™Ĩ :Ravenous:


Our Name: Thecrows


Our Nick Name: Ace’s


Real Languages: Arabic . English .




Favorite Game :




-CS:GO :


-GTA V :




-Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3






Special for CS:GO :csgoct:


:1cross: Favorite Pistol = USP-S + Tec-9 + Desert Eagle + Glock :csgob:


:1cross: Favorite MP’s = P90 + MP9 :csgob:


:1cross: Favorite Rifle’s = AK47 + M4A1 :csgob:


:1cross: Favorite Sniper = AWP :csgob:


:1cross: Favorite Maps = Dust II + Mirage :csgob:


:stop: Reason For ADD ! on Comments 😀


Add? – Trade? – Play? :skullboy:


Feel free to send me a Friend request, but read first! :stop:





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