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imgCOVID CHALLENGERS CUP #3 Created by Sir Tl3eb

COVID CHALLENGERS CUP is an online FIFA tournaments open for Moroccans and all North African players, twice a month, brought to you by Sir Tl3eb - ESNA - GGA.

Started on
October 5, 2020 10:00 am


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    32 out of 32

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    FIFA 20
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    Best of 1
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- All players MUST use a good internet connection speed in order to play in no lag, no red latency conditions (8 Mbps/s or higher). Please try to use 4G and share it with your PS4 if you don't have good ADSL internet speed or fiber.

- Format : 32 Players | 1 VS 1 Single Elimination Online Tournament

- Platform : PlayStation 4

- Game Mode : Friendlies

- Half Length : 6 Minutes

- Controls : Any

- Game Speed : Normal

- Squad Type : Online (NO CUSTOM SQUAD). If your adversary has a custom squad, don't play, quit the match quickly and invite him back, make a screenshot and send it on Discord).

- Weather Conditions : Clear and sunny ⛅️

- In case of a draw, golden goal rule applies. Players will have to start another match and the first person that scores WINS  ⚽🎖️🥅.

- If a player disconnects during a match, rematch and continue with the same score as the previous match.

- If a player disconnects a second time, he'll be disqualified.

- In the FINAL MATCH, in case of a draw, players will have to play a 2nd match, if it's a 2nd draw, players will have to play a 3rd match with golden goal rule, the first person that scores WINS the final ⚽🎖️🥅.
- Registration is free.

- Please you need to customize a minimum your profil in order to participate (Profil picture, social media links, PSN ID...)

- All players MUST be present in chat and follow to keep track of results and contact adversaries.

- All players NEED to check in and contact each others on Discord 1 hour before the start of the tournament (19:00 GMT+1). You need to check and confirm your PSN ID in one of Discord's rooms ( room 1 - room 2 - room 3 -room 4... 8 players in each room, if you see your PSN ID in one of the rooms, enter the room, confirm your presence and add your adversary).

- If a match is played before the scheduled time (20:00 GMT+1), it will not be considered as the official result.

- The tournament starts at 20:00 GMT+1 minimum. All Players will be given an extra 10 minutes to join and start the match. Not showing up, failing to join within the 10 minutes or keeping the other player waiting will result in your disqualification.

- All players MUST take a screenshot and write their scores after every match in of Discord's rooms they're assigned too ( room 1 - room 2 - room 3 -room 4).

- It is required for the players that reach the final match to record the match or matches via PS4 SHARE button or any other capture solution and send it to Sir Tl3eb admin Samy @Geekawy in order to be featured in highlight videos or live streams.

- Any form of cheating or hate speech towards other players will lead to disqualification. Lack of cooperation with admin(s) could result in forfeit for the upcoming tournaments.

- In order to solve an issues and insure fair play to everyone. Tournament's admin(s) have the right to modify, edit or change the rules. The Tournament's admin(s) decisions are final regarding disputes.

5/10/2020 - 20:00 GMT+1 - ROUND OF 32 AND 16.

6/10/2020 - 20:00 GMT+1 - QUARTER/SEMI FINAL/ FINAL

For any additional questions about the tournaments. please feel free to ask @Geekawy on chat.
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Winner Prizes

img Place img Reward
imgplace 1 : Nabil_b3nh 70 € PlayStation Store

Tournament brackets

Match for 3rd place

COVID CHALLENGERS CUP is an online FIFA tournaments open for Moroccans
and all North African players, twice a month, brought to you by Sir
Tl3eb – ESNA – GGA.

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