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    13 out of 16

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    Knockout Single Elimination

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imgplace 1 : 2500 DH
imgplace 2 : 1500 DH
imgplace 3 : 1000 DH



"Official Rules and Guidelines for the MLBB Tournament"

"Welcome to the adrenaline-pumping world of competitive mobile gaming! As we embark on an epic journey of strategy, teamwork, and skill, we want to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all participants. These official rules and guidelines have been crafted to uphold the spirit of healthy competition, sportsmanship, and camaraderie. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a rising star, please familiarize yourself with these regulations to guarantee an unforgettable tournament. Let the battles begin!"

1. Eligibility

There are no age restrictions, geographic limitations as far as the player is Moroccan, and for device or account requirements, everything is allowed except for Red magic phones.

2. Registration

Via Google Form we will collect all necessary information from participants, including in-game usernames, contact information, logos, coaches ID card and any team affiliations.

3. Tournament Format

The tournament will be online during the period of 19.08 to 20.08.

Day 1:

16 teams compete in Best-of-1 matches.

8 losing teams are eliminated.

The remaining 8 teams play another round of Best-of-1 matches.

4 losing teams go to the Low Bracket.

4 winning teams advance to the Upper Bracket.

Type: Out of stream

Day 2:

Low Bracket: Teams fight for survival in elimination matches.

Upper Bracket: Teams compete for the ultimate title.

Grand Finale: Upper Bracket Champion vs. Low Bracket Champion in a Best-of-3 showdown.

Type: live Stream

4. Schedule

Will be updated this week with the team

5. In-Game Rules

We will use the special tournament lobby,with the HD map, and will be hosted in "Europe Server " in-game behavior is a cornerstone of our tournament. Participants are strictly prohibited from engaging in any form of cheating, which includes but is not limited to using hacks, scripts, or any unauthorized third-party software that provides an unfair advantage. Exploiting glitches or bugs to gain an advantage is also strictly prohibited. Players found in violation of these rules will face penalties, which may range from score deductions to immediate disqualification from the tournament. A spirit of honest competition and sportsmanship is essential for a successful and enjoyable event.

6. Roster and Substitutions

Each team has the right of 1 extra player to be in total (6).

Any roster changes during the tournament will be refused except for proven reasons with official docs, like sickness, work, exams etc.

7. Reporting and Communication

We will set up a method for participants to report match results promptly, like whatsapp group or discord server.

We have already established communication channels for participants to ask questions or raise concerns in the whatsapp group.

8. Match Disputes

We defined already Outline the process for handling disputes, including how evidence should be submitted and how final decisions will be made and it will be all hundled by don big based on his experience on hosting tournaments before, and based on his knowledge about each team and each leader, and in case it proved that someone is wrong we will deal with it with strict punishment that can lead to direct elimination

9. Streaming and Spectating

-Second day matches will be streamed in MPL Official pages -Guidelines for streamers and commentators will be defined later by the team.

10. Fair Play and Sportsmanship

We emphasize the importance of good sportsmanship and fair play. any form of harassment, hate speech, or unsportsmanlike conduct ( in game, or out of game) will result in penalties or disqualification.

11. Prizes and Rewards

1st place: 3700 diamond for each player (6 players in total in each team).

2nd place: 2200 diamond for each player (6 players in total in each team)

3rd place: 1200 diamond for each player (6 players in total in each team)

4th place: 700 diamond for each player (6 players in total in each team)

Giveaway: 320 diamond (for each one ) giveaway for 10 viewers

Cash Prize pool with total of 5000 MAD

1st place :2500 DH

2nd place :1500 DH

      3rd place:1000 DH

12. Recording

We will notify participants that matches might be recorded if required.

13. Technical Requirements

we specify one technical requirements, its stable internet connections

14 Rule Modifications and Updates:

We reserve the right to modify or update the rules if unforeseen circumstances arise, but we will communicate any changes clearly and promptly.

15. Terms and Conditions:

-We provided a comprehensive set of terms and conditions that participants must agree to upon registration.

-Participants must carefully read and accept the provided terms and conditions during the registration process.

These terms encompass various aspects of the tournament and outline the responsibilities, expectations, and rights of both participants and organizers.

1.Registration Agreement: By registering for the tournament, participants acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to abide by the terms and conditions set forth.

2.The team members should be high rank.

3. Each team needs its propre logo.

4.During the game, respect should exist and any toxic behavior or chat will be punished by warning or elimination.

5.In case of any question, declaration, report,ect.. must be done by the coach only, none of the team members has the right to make direct contact, to secure that flexibility.

6. Teams should be Morrocan 100% including the coach.

7 Data and Image Usage: By participating, participants grant organizers the right to use their in-game usernames, images, and video content for promotional purposes related to the tournament.

8. Rule Modifications and Updates: The terms acknowledge that unforeseen circumstances may necessitate rule adjustments. Organizers retain the right to make fair and transparent modifications and commit to communicating any changes promptly.

9. Organizer's Rights: The terms state that organizers reserve the right to interpret and enforce the rules as necessary to ensure a fair and smooth tournament.

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