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imgES7OUR Q2 -KOF XV- Created by ESNA

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2023-04-08 13:00


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    31 out of 32

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    Double Elimination

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    Playstation 4 / 5


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    Best of 3
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Format and Game Version:

Double Elimination. The Tournament will be played out as a Double Elimination competition. In a “Double Elimination” competition, Players compete in Match Sets and advance starting from the Winner’s side of the Tournament (the “Winner’s Bracket”). If a Player loses a Match Set while on the Winner’s Bracket, that Player will move to the Loser’s side of the Tournament (the “Loser’s Bracket”). If a Player loses a Match Set while on the Loser’s Bracket, thus receiving their second loss, that Player is eliminated and will no longer advance in the Tournament.

The latest version update of the Game will be used for Tournament play, including any new characters and balance updates.

Game Settings:

Game: The King of Fighters XV

Game version for Qualification 1 : PC/Steam

Game version for Qualification 2 : PS4/ PS5

Match Settings: Team 3v3

Time Limit: 60 seconds

Stage: Random. This may be done by either pressing LS/L3, or pressing and holding up or down for a while and then pressing confirm.

Character Alternate Costumes are legal for Tournament play.

Illegal mods of any kind will result in immediate disqualification

Match Sets:

All “Match Sets” will be Best-of-Three, except for the Winner’s Finals, Loser’s Finals, and Grand Finals during the “Top 8” portion of the Tournament, of which will be Best-of-Five. In a “Best-of-X” the first Player to win the majority of “X” number of Matches is declared the winner of the Match Set, and any Matches that have not been played at that point will not be played. In a Best-of-Three, for example, the first Player to win two (2) Matches will be immediately declared the winner of the Match Set. The winner of a single Match is determined when the Game awards the win to that Player or upon the opponent causing a Match Disruption or other violation of the Rules as determined by the Tournament Group.

Winner Lock Rules and Stage Select:

During the first Match of a Match Set, each Player selects their character and the stage is selected at random.

After a Match, the winning Player is “locked” to their characters and is not permitted to select new characters until/unless they lose a subsequent Match. The winning Player can however change their team order.

The losing Player may choose to stay with the same or select new characters for the subsequent match. If the losing Player chooses to stay with the same characters, their team order can be changed.

Tournament brackets

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