1. Global Rules: 

1.1. General:

The league administration team has the authority to make decisions outside or even against the rulebook in order to ensure fairness.

1.2. Code of Conduct:

Every participant must treat the MPL representatives, the press, viewers, partners, and other participants with respect. Participants are expected to honorably represent esports, the MPL, and their partners. This applies to in-game behavior as well as behavior in conversations, messengers, comments, and other forms of social media.

1.2.1. Insults and offensive behavior:

During an ES7OUR Match or on the ESNA platform, all insults may be penalized. This includes, but is not limited to, the in-game chat, forums, News comments, Messages, Match Chat, and game IDs.

1.2.2 Public behavior:

At all times, all competitors must refrain from engaging in any poor, unwanted, or negative behavior toward anyone associated with the tournament in any form.
At all times, all competitors must refrain from taking any action or inaction that drags anyone associated with the event into public disrepute, contempt, scandal, or ridicule, or diminishes the public relations or commercial worth of any party participating. In interviews, speeches, and/or social media channels, this includes negative remarks directed towards the MPL, its partners, or its products. Insults delivered by external messengers are not considered.

1.2.3. Penalties and Enforcement:

Anyone who violates this Code of Conduct may be punished as set forth herein. The determination whether a violation of this Code of Conduct has occurred will be made by GG Agency in its sole discretion based upon the available facts, including but not limited to public reports and witness statements, if any. Discipline will be enforced on an escalating basis. Persons engaged in any of the activities described in the foregoing section will face increased penalties for multiple violations.

Anyone who violates this Code of Conduct, may: (1) be immediately excluded and/or disqualified from the applicable tournament and forfeit all potential prizes at the discretion of GG Agency or the Tournament Organizer; and/or (2) forfeit any applicable appearance fee(s). Furthermore, extreme statements and/or threats of physical violence are strictly prohibited and may trigger more severe penalties in GG Agency’s sole discretion, including but not limited to (3) exclusion from all future GG Agency events, MPL, tournaments and/or tournament venues.

1.2.4. Sponsorship Restrictions.

Players may not display, advertise, or otherwise promote in any manner sponsorship, endorsement or other commercial affiliation with or by adult content sponsors, such as pornographic websites or companies that manufacture, sell, distribute or market cigarettes or vaporizers (e-cigarettes), drugs, alcohol, guns or other weapons. For the avoidance of doubt, players may not wear clothes, hats, jewelry or any other item promoting adult content, drug, tobacco and/or alcohol brands, regardless of sponsorship or affiliation.

Players acknowledge and agree that ES7OUR staff and the Tournament Organizer each reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to prohibit a player from displaying, advertising, or otherwise promoting in any manner sponsorships, endorsements or other commercial affiliation with or by any enterprise offering any products or services in the same market categories as any official GG Agency commercial sponsorship advertiser; provided, however, that during tournament play players may utilize any Keyboard / mouse / joystick / pad / fightstick of their choice.


2. Fraud/deception:

2.1. Deception.

The use of false or fictitious claims, facts, or data to fool admins or other players will not be tolerated.

2.2. Other unauthorized offences.

Including but not limited to the abusing of bugs on the website.

These penalties are at the discretion of the responsible admin and are penalized according to severity.

2.3. Cheating

All forms of cheating in ES7OUR matches are forbidden and will be penalized by the MPL staff. Players found cheating outside of the MPL may be barraged on the MPL depending on the evidence available.
Note, we do not accept publicly submitted demo or screenshot evidence in these cases. Should it become known to the MPL administrators that any form of cheating was used to the advantage of a player or a team during an MPL match, the MPL reserves the right to punish them to the full extent of the rules available. By breaking any rule a player risks being barred or completely excluded from a specific league/ tournament or from all leagues / tournaments. This also includes their team.

It is unlawful to use programs (or “hacks”) or other means to evade, change, or otherwise manipulate MPL Anti-cheat. Cheating will be prosecuted if such programs or methods are used. Even testing such programs or procedures in a match that does not take place in the MPL will result in a penalty.

3. Accounts:

3.1. Player

An ESNA Account can only be created if the user is at least 16 years old. When registering, each player must provide an up-to-date and correct email address and it is the player’s responsibility to keep this up-to-date. To play in a tournament / League , a method of contact must be available and visible to all users in your player profile.

Also, the permanent residence must be chosen according to the country he/she is currently living in. Should the country differ from his/her nationality, the player has to mention it.

3.1.1. Multiaccounts

Each player in the MPL must only have one account! If a player can not access his account and then creates a new one, then he/she must write a support email explaining in detail the reason for not being able to access the account.

3.1.2. Nicknames, Team Names and URL Aliases

We reserve the right to edit Nicknames and/or URL aliases, if they fail to comply with the following requirements.

Nicknames/aliases are forbidden if they:

– are protected by third-party rights and the user has no written permission.

– resemble or if they are identical to a brand or trademark, no matter whether it has been registered or not.

– resemble or if they are identical to a real person other than themselves.

– resemble or if they are identical to the names of GG Agency employees.

– are nonsense.

In addition to the above, any nicknames/team names/aliases that are purely commercial (e.g. product names), defamatory, pejorative, offensive, vulgar, obscene, anti-Semitic, inciting hatred, or offending against good manners are forbidden. Using alternative spelling, gibberish or wrong spelling in order to avoid the requirements mentioned above is illegal. We reserve the right to extend, change, exchange or delete these rules if necessary.

3.1.3. Photo

It would be nice if a player’s photo clearly shows the face of the player. For anything else please use the gallery. Photos with weapons are not allowed!

3.1.4. Country

A player’s country must be set to their country of residence. Deliberately faking the country of residence is punishable.

If a player’s country of residence is changed in order to avoid any country restrictions or if the player is trying to fake or abuse they will be punished . If the player does so and plays in a team match, the whole team will get punished and the match is deleted.

3.1.5. Nationality

A player’s nationality must be set to their nationality that is proven by a current passport. Deliberately faking nationality is punishable.

3.2. Teams

A team’s name does not have to be unique, but GG Agency reserves the right to refuse clans with the same or similar names as a well-known clan.

Names which are restricted by law will not be accepted and will be deleted Also, names which go against all forms of etiquette and good manners will not be accepted.

The logo must represent the team and have some reference to the team’s name or to the team’s short handle. Copyrighted logos, or logos which go against etiquette and good manners will not be accepted.

3.2.1. Changing team names

A team can change its name at any time. This also applies when a team is restructured.

Changing a team’s name in order to fool other teams is forbidden. Extremely long names, or consistent changing of team names is prohibited and can be punished .

3.2.2. Team nationality

In general, during matches, at all times in-game a team must have more than 50% of its players that are residing in or have the nationality of the country or countries that the national section represents.

3.2.3. Sponsors/partnerships

The MPL administration reserves the right to prohibit or remove teams with sponsors or partners that are solely or widely known for pornographic, drug use or other adult/mature themes and products from partaking in MPL or any GG AGENCY event at any time.

Names which are restricted by law will not be accepted and will be deleted and punished with penalty if found. Also, names which go against all forms of etiquette and good manners will not be accepted.

4. Participation in prize tournaments & Leagues:

Employees of GG Agency, its subsidiaries or partners, volunteer or contractor staff, or employees who are in some way connected to a respective tournament, such as sponsors, publishers, or game developers, are not permitted to participate in any prize winning tournaments, qualification for prize winning tournaments, or Leagues unless otherwise expressly permitted.

All cash prizes are to be paid out within 6 months of the date when the event or online tournament took place

10.000DH for the top 8 finalist
1st place: 3000DH
2nd place: 2000DH
3rd place: 1500DH
4th place: 1000DH
5th place: 750DH (shared by two players)
7th place: 500DH (shared by two players)

Reserved Rights

GG AGENCY reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to revise, update, change, modify, add to, supplement, or delete certain terms of the Official Rules for any reason. Such changes will be effective with or without prior notice. The most current version of the Official Rules is posted at (Website ).

Format and Game Version:

Double Elimination. The Tournament will be played out as a Double Elimination competition. In a “Double Elimination” competition, Players compete in Match Sets and advance starting from the Winner’s side of the Tournament (the “Winner’s Bracket”). If a Player loses a Match Set while on the Winner’s Bracket, that Player will move to the Loser’s side of the Tournament (the “Loser’s Bracket”). If a Player loses a Match Set while on the Loser’s Bracket, thus receiving their second loss, that Player is eliminated and will no longer advance in the Tournament.

The latest version update of the Game will be used for Tournament play, including any new characters and balance updates.

Game Settings:

Game: The King of Fighters XV
Game version for Qualification 1 : PC/Steam
Game version for Qualification 2 : PS4/ PS5
Match Settings: Team 3v3
Time Limit: 60 seconds
Stage: Random. This may be done by either pressing LS/L3, or pressing and holding up or down for a while and then pressing confirm.
Character Alternate Costumes are legal for Tournament play.
Illegal mods of any kind will result in immediate disqualification

Match Sets:

All “Match Sets” will be Best-of-Three, except for the Winner’s Finals, Loser’s Finals, and Grand Finals during the “Top 8” portion of the Tournament, of which will be Best-of-Five. In a “Best-of-X” the first Player to win the majority of “X” number of Matches is declared the winner of the Match Set, and any Matches that have not been played at that point will not be played. In a Best-of-Three, for example, the first Player to win two (2) Matches will be immediately declared the winner of the Match Set. The winner of a single Match is determined when the Game awards the win to that Player or upon the opponent causing a Match Disruption or other violation of the Rules as determined by the Tournament Group.

Winner Lock Rules and Stage Select:

During the first Match of a Match Set, each Player selects their character and the stage is selected at random.

After a Match, the winning Player is “locked” to their characters and is not permitted to select new characters until/unless they lose a subsequent Match. The winning Player can however change their team order.

The losing Player may choose to stay with the same or select new characters for the subsequent match. If the losing Player chooses to stay with the same characters, their team order can be changed.

-Server: EUW
-Map: Howling Abyss
-Mode: Blind Pick 
-Win Conditions: First Blood OR 100 minions OR First Turret (achieve one)
-Ornn & Tryndamere are banned
-Tournament Format: Single Elimination Bo1 in Qualifications, 4-player bracket, Double elimination in Finals
-Side selection: Left side is BLUE team, right side is RED team. Swap sides after each game.
-Pause timer: Maximum is 10 minutes total wait time. Only 5 minutes allowed for each side.
-Behavior: Banter, taunting, and jokes are allowed, but never be toxic in /all chat.
-Be online on Discord 20 min before game time to confirm attendance.
-Opposing players can explore each other’s accounts to get information.
-Before each match, go to Discord #1v1-discussion channel & type your name. Start match after admins allows it
-Players can report their own score.

Note: Failure to abide by any of these rules will disqualify you from the tournament.

Default Mode: Death Match

Default Server : Paris.

Defaut Map: Random

Qualifying criteria : the Top 1 player from each death match will qualify to the next round on the tournament. In case of a tie between two or more players for the 1st position, the player with the highest combat score will be decided.

Game Settings: All matches will be played on the “Free for All” game mode with no agents selected. The game will be played on the standard mode with no special rules or modifications.

Game Communication: All players must join the tournament discord server, discord is the official communication channel for assistance and announcements.

Match Start: All players must be ready 15 minutes before the match starts. Once the match begins, players must start playing immediately and cannot pause or stop the game for any reason.

Disconnection: If a player gets disconnected from the game due to any reason, they will not be allowed to rejoin the same match.

Fair Play: All players must abide by the fair play rules and avoid any form of cheating or exploitation. Any player found guilty of unfair play will be disqualified from the tournament immediately.

Players must attend their lobby within a maximum of 15 minutes from their official scheduled time, otherwise, they would be considered forfeited from the tournament. 

You have to create the lobby on the Default server (Paris), and add players respectively as assigned to the  bracket, if the player doesn’t show up after 10 minutes of the designated match time,they will be considered forfeited and the match will start.

In case of a tie breaker, for the final BO3 match, a spike rush game will be played to determine the winner. 

Score Validation

Players are required to send the proof of their victory, in the tournament website, find the report tab in your bracket, and upload a screenshot in the report tab, failing to do so, or sending an invalid report will revoke your victory. 

Tournament Structure

Game format : the tournament will consist of multiple death matches with 8 players in each match. Each match will last for a fixed time limit of 10 minutes, the top 1 of each match will qualify to the next stage.

Qualification 1 consists of 1 deathmatch for 32 groups of 8 players in each group.

Then the top 32 will compete in a single elimination 1vs1 bracket. Top 4 players will qualify to the finals bracket.

Qualification 2 consists of 1 death match for 32 groups of 8 players in each group.

Then the top 32 will compete in a single elimination 1vs1 bracket. Top 4 players will qualify to the finals bracket.

The finals will be a single elimination 1vs1 bracket of 8 players competing for the prize pool 

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