• MPL stands for Moroccan Pro League, It is a professional eSport League featuring the best teams and players in Morocco, competing in four different games : FIFA 22, League of legend, Valorant and PUBG Mobile.

frequently asked question

I'm from north africa but i'm not from morocco, can i still join the tournament ?

The team can have only one member that’s from north africa but not from morocco.

I'm moroccan but i live outside of morocco, can i still join the tournament ?

The team can have only one member that’s Moroccan and live outside of morocco.

Is the tournament free to join ?

Yes, we will never ask you to pay a fee to enter the Valorant Masters Pro League.

Which server are we going to play the tournament on?

EU server, paris 1 or paris 2, if the two teams agree on a server, then they can play on that server (EU ONLY).

Can we edit the team information after the registration ends ?

No changes should be made after the registration ends, it could lead to disqualification from the tournament.

How many subs are allowed per team?

3 subs for each team.

During a match a player had internet problem and disconnected, what can we do ?

Each team has a technical pause each half maximum 10min if a player disconnected.

Where the game will be streamed ?

The games will be streamed on the official channel of ESNA,

If my game is not streamed on ESNA offical channel, can i stream it ?

Yes, but you need to mention the tournament in the title.

If we qualify to the group stage from qualifications, or to the finals from group stage and play offs, and we still have games to play, but we want to forfeit ?

Any kind of forfeit during the tournament, leads directly to disqualification from the MPL.

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