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After registrations, the 100 registered teams will participate in the open qualifiers (4 qualifiers in total, 25 teams/Q).


Out of these teams, the top 24 teams (6 teams in each qualifier) will proceed to the next round called “League” Stage (4 groups)

Most popular questions

How about the hackers ingame ?

We will have spectators ingame and on discord . If someone plays with hack, the team will be eliminated.

Is it possible to play on PC ?

Only on mobile devices


Matches will not be streamed due to the fact that FIFA 22 doesn't have a spectate mode and not all players have fiber to request the shareplay feature on PS4, but if you have fiber at home you can stream all your matches on your channel as long as you mansion MPL and ESNA on your stream title.

Will game points and results be available on stream ?

Results will be available on HERE

Can my team include 5 players ?

For season 1 of MPL, only 4 players are allowed.

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